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Cyber Dating Addiction

highlighting the many highs and lows

With statistics as high as 28 million hits per day on certain online dating sites, what is it that compels users to become addicted?

It’s a fact that as the user touches the screen that ‘zingy’ sensual pleasure kicks into the brain, it’s surreal, and they’re cast away on a different planet.

Hooked up like a drug user, maybe technology is to blame, but whatever, cyber dating is a billion dollar market and irrespective of all bad press, it’s here to stay.

How to be

A Real Superwoman

How to be a REAL Superwoman,’ is loosely based on extracts from notable entries from a works diary, that Lucy Price has kept for many years. 

The novel is an exciting vibrant and informative read which covers the many frustrations of the humdrum daily grind, and particularly regarding part time working. 

Lucy has been a sex advisor, met a real life transvestite, overheard lurid office gossip, and tolerated various appalling workplace conditions, along with enduring revolting co-workers’ habits, including an indiscreet nose picking boss!

Unbelievably, she had to supply her personal loo rolls at one company!  Now semi-retired, Superwoman Lucy has relived her former working life outlining the amusing and informative stories surrounding the good and bad encountered in a somewhat extraordinary and diverse working life. Embracing a colourful and enthusiastic attitude and real Superwoman approach to her many jobs, it offers an insight to some unpleasant encounters, such as workplace bullying.

Electrifying contents give a vivid awareness of many abhorrent bosses, being witness to employees engaging in sex while on duty, and having to beg for her salary on two occasions,.  Being humorous, and risqué, along with factual content, the novel covers many other interesting areas of the workplace, not least, highlighting and praising women in their daily quest to juggle family life along with a job.

Lucy Price has been a real life Superwoman and got the certificate!

All names, places, timelines and situations are fictitious throughout the novel.

Lipstick and Lace

coming soon…

A thrilling and compelling love torn story of passionate love and marriage encompassing the heady world of Transvestites. Katie and Simon  continually struggle to find a balance in their relationship, after she finds him dressed as a woman.

Simon insists he’s not homosexual, and that he dresses to ease tension within the humdrum of daily life. Katie suggests he attends counseling insisting he is a compulsive secret cross dresser, and that she wants a divorce.

Gradually they work at the marriage but Katie is continually wondering how, and if, they can survive the cross- dressing frenzy.

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