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Lisa Ventura and Lizzie Hayden have similar backgrounds as regards writing. Several years ago they worked for a Media Management company where writing was a huge part of their jobs. Years later they’ve found time to write about the stories that really matter, and on subjects they’re both passionate about.

Both Lisa and Lizzie are Founders of the Worcestershire Writers’ Group, while Lisa is also the Founder of the highly successful Worcesetershire Literary Festival.

Lisa and Lizzie hope that readers will enjoy their stories.

About Lisa


Writing is my life

Lisa Ventura is an entrepreneur, blogger and writer with a strong journalistic and content marketing background.

She is a leading cyber security professional and is the CEO and Founder of the UK Cyber Security Association and Venture CxO Insights.

In addition she runs her own agency Venture Content Marketing, PR & Digital.

Her specialist topics and industry areas include cyber security, data/analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital transformation, business, lifestyle, entertainment including film, TV and sci-fi, dogs/pets and many more.

Lisa is a strong thought leader and keynote speaker, and is in high demand for her work as the CEO and Founder of the UK Cyber Security Association.

She is often asked to deliver presentations to large audiences and to contribute articles on cyber security in relevant publications.

Recently Published Work

Contributor to Me.Decoded – a series of articles on Lisa’s recent diagnosis of being
#ActuallyAutistic – https://www.medecoded.com/author/lisaventura/.

Is Your Child Safe Online – an article for Global Europa Magazine.

How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks
– an article for Counter Terror Business Magazine

The True Cost of Cyber Fraud and How To Protect Your Business Against it
– an article for the BPMA Magazine.

After a 5 year period of dealing with much heartache and close family bereavements, including the loss of her son to stillbirth and dealing with being diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum, Lisa is channelling her experiences into books that she hopes will help others who are in similar situations.

In her spare time Lisa is an active blogger and influencer and is often found writing articles and updating her blog “Cyber Geek Girl”. In addition, she loves walking with her beloved dog Poppy, films, TV, the theatre and dining out.

More information about Lisa can be found on her website www.lisaventura.co.uk.

About Lizzie


Passionate about writing

Lizzie is passionate about writing, and has written from an early age in some form.  

Comprising mainly short stories, free verse and family biographies, she also wrote and directed plays and comedy sketches while at University.

More recently she was commissioned to write plays for school summer camps as fund raising projects.  

Along with a Lifestyle Column entitled ‘Liz on Life,’ for ‘The Bright Times’ newspaper, she’s also published free verse for Anthologies.

Her writing genres are mainly Fictional romance, erotica, chick lit, free verse and short plays.

Non- fiction covers travel articles and lifestyle issues.

Recently Published Work

Cadillac Ranch, Texas 
Automobile article for American Auto News – published in February 2018 edition

Dating Diva, Erotic secrets of Cyber liaisons 
published by CreateSpace. An erotic fictional novel covering the risqué highs and lows of undercover cyber dating.  

Call me Superwoman.  
A fictional novel to be published in Spring 2019. The story follows the life of superwoman Lucy Price, who tackles issues such as sex in the workplace, bullying, ghastly bosses, petty office gossip and the role of women in the workplace. The novel encompasses Lucy’s many outrageous jobs, in being a ‘Jack of all trades.’

Lizzie is co-founder of the Worcestershire Writers’ Group in the role of Creative Director, alongside Lisa Ventura as Web/Marketing Project Director.

Married with a grown-up family, Lizzie writes every day, but still finds time to enjoy travel which is her second passion. She proudly admits to having flown around the world from east to west, in selected places, over a period of 45 days! 

Lizzie enjoys fine wine and dining, and escaping daily life to spend time by the sea musing on her next writing idea.

Our Featured Work

Published books & Interesting Subjects

Cyber Dating Addiction

Lizzie Hayden

Call Me Superwoman

Available in Amazon in March 2019

Lipstick and Lace

Available on Amazon in Autumn 2019

#Actually Autistic:

Lisa Ventura

Rise of the CyberWoman

Lisa Ventura


Barry Hines

Coming soon

Check back regularly to see what’s coming up this year!

Call Me Superwoman

Amazon Books

Spring 2019  |  Priced: £7.50

Rise of the Cyberwoman

Amazon Books

Coming 2019  |  Priced: £7.49

Lipstick and Lace

Amazon Books

Autumn 2019  |  Priced: £7.50

Taking off the Masks of my Life

Amazon Books

Coming 2019  |  Priced: £7.49

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What do you want to know?


One thing we have learned during our lives is to follow your passion no matter what it is. In our case, its writing, we love the creative aspect, a way we can express ourselves, and if others like what we create its a real buzz.

We have always enjoyed reading and writing, and now the internet is here, we are able to put our ideas and published work to anyone who wants to read it.


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Where do you get your ideas from?

I often observe every day life, watch the news and hear people talking as I am out and about which can often sow the seeds of an idea or situation. My imagination processes all these inputs and before I know it, I have another publication!

How did you get started?

We have been writing most of our lives, and with the internet, its even easier than ever to get your ideas down and published for an audience.

How do you find the time?

Like all things in life, if you have a passion about something, you will make the time. As we love what we do, it does not even feel like hard work. 

Another question?

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